Saturday, December 20, 2008

big (and overdue) review

so here's our big christmas review and news update!
we've gone back to may 07 when we left america and landed in the green and pleasant land of bristol, england...
wishing you a very merry christmas and happy new year!

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december 08

house! woohoo!

november 08

a fantastic ministry trip to norway!

october 08

we love our kids! they love each other!

september 08

we enjoyed a fantastic family break in the mountains of norway
along with our friends kari, geir, andreas and christopher

august 08

we spent our summer vacation in yorkshire
we learned about traditional 'kissing gates'!
(after this phil had a weekend adventure in the mountains which ended with a viral infection and 3 days in hospital with vomiting and diarrhoea, ooo)

july 08

the fantastic year team bristol group graduated! well done everyone!

june 08

we had an amazing time in india seeking God and learning loads, as well as joyfully reconnecting with our beautiful friends francis, esther and jean in bombay!

may 08

we moved out from the city to the countryside!
here's mags and jojo in our cute farmhouse style kitchen

april 08

jojo and booboo! the smiles say it all

march 08

we made a trip to visit friends at a church in northern ireland
they're challenging us in a lovely way by taking God's love out on the streets and praying for healing with the people they meet

february 08

since arriving in bristol we have made (and deepened) some wonderful friendships! here are our big pals greg and sophie
they've taught us lots - including the game they call 'boygirl'

january 08

the year team hit home/six runs in ministry in norway! flott!

december 07

here are some the good people involved in the volunteer mentoring scheme that phil coordinates in the local youth prison
the aim of the scheme is pretty cool - to support young men, help them get their lives back on track and stay out of trouble when they are released from prison

november 07

our man of the year! joseph! woohoo! praise God!

october 07

lots of good things started this fall/autumn...
here's one of them - the year team bristol discipleship group, small but powerful!

september 07

by the grace of God (and the owner) we began to meet in an amazing historical house, which has become our base for prayer, retreat and training
the house was built more than 370 years ago, making it older than the usa!

august 07

so this is bristol! a small city with 400 000 souls
it's important as the regional hub of south-west england
bristol is home to europe's largest balloon festival and the world's first
suspension bridge, pictured here spanning the avon gorge at clifton
(can you spot the rock climbers?)

july 07

the adventures continued through the summer...
phil and mason visited yellowstone national park and climbed the grand teton in wyoming – a beautiful mountian known as the matterhorn of north america

june 07

we celebrated skye's birthday as we moved into a fantastic spacious shared house in central bristol - affectionately called 'the ark'

may 07

after leaving south carolina and before landing in england we spent a few very happy days with our fantastic friends eric and jill in washington dc
here's skye and mags (and joseph - can you spot him?) at the capitol

Saturday, December 13, 2008


häagen-dazs pralines & cream is surely the finest ice cream on earth!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

new house

woohoo! our big news is that we bought a house today!
we have lots of building (remodeling) work planned so it may be a while before it becomes 'home'
we're really pleased and thank God for His provision and blessing