Friday, October 30, 2009

a 13 year treat

ok, so anyone reading this blog regularly will notice that we (sometimes) leave big gaps and sometimes backfill with snippets of what we've been up to. well not tonight. oh no, in fact, it was such a special treat to catch up with friends and spiritual heros cassie and esther that it made straight onto the blog in the same evening! changing the worlds of bradford and bristol these ladies were also big uni pals of ours, so great to see them still going all out for jesus, still beautiful, we love 'em and thank God for them - let's not leave it 13 years till the next time we catch up again, eh?

(yeah, ok, so since the last post we also moved home, skye started school, we had almost every family member visit us, planted a new church and phil went to a new job in another country on a helicopter...
we'll get round to posting some stuff about all that soon too)


Andrew said...

they live! good to hear from you guys. looking forward to finding more out soon! :) love from the joneses (Andrew, Hillary, and Nathan)

Katy Thomson said...

So great to see that you met up with Cassie and Esther, can't remember the last time I caught up with them either! Merry Christmas to you all and congratulations on baby number 3! Katy